Course curriculum

This course will be updated regularly and lessons will be added as new information and resources related to COVID-19 becomes available.
  • 1

    What's Available to College Students Under the CARES Act?

    • Course Goals

    • CARES Act (4/8/20)

  • 2

    COVID-19 Resources for College Students

    • Moving & Storage, Healthcare & Student Aid, Unemployment & Income Alternatives (7/3/20)

    • Technology, Taxes, and Health & Wellness (7/3/20)

  • 3

    Virtual & Remote Internships in Government, Politics & Public Service

    • Tips for Remote Internships & Video Conferencing

    • Virtual & Remote Internships - (7/3/20)

  • 4

    Student Feedback

    • COVID-19 Survey

C2C-U Alumni Stories

After hearing countless stories like the one's below from C2C-U alumni, College to Congress launched this course to provide resources for college students amidst the COVID-19 health crisis.


University of Arkansas

"I, like many other students that lived on-campus, was told to pack up my belongings and move out of my apartment as soon as possible after the University made the decision to go into lockdown. I have been extremely fortunate in that I was able to move into my brother's home, but it continues to be a difficult situation for all of us, especially as my mother falls within the high-risk category."


University of Chicago

"COVID has led me to lose my on-campus job, with little opportunity to replace it (I've applied to several remote opportunities but have not heard back yet). It has the potential to cancel my internship and eliminate my summer plans, which could render me with no other position/place to go and earn income, which is very concerning because I do not have a home to go back to. I also was left out of the stimulus bill mentioned in this lesson due to my status as a dependent student, so I do not even have that safety net income to look forward to."

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