(If you previously enrolled in the Spring/Summer 2021 version of this course, you DO NOT need to enroll in this course. Complete the Spring/Summer course by May 5th instead to be eligible to receive a mentor and apply for fall internships in June-July.)


This course is self-paced and designed to take approximately 2 weeks to complete.

  • 1

    Welcome to C2C-U

    • Welcome Message from College to Congress Founder & CEO

    • Navigating Your Course

    • How Does C2C-U Work?

    • C2C-U Student Survey

  • 2

    Leveraging LinkedIn

    • Chapter Goals

    • Why LinkedIn?

    • Setting Up Your LinkedIn Profile

    • Examples: Do's and Don'ts

    • Networking on LinkedIn (When You Can't Network in Person)

    • Submit a Link to your LinkedIn Profile

    • Leveraging LinkedIn Quiz

  • 3

    Resume Building

    • Chapter Goals

    • Design & Formatting Tips

    • Writing & Content Tips

    • Cover Letter & Writing Sample

    • Grammar & Proofreading

    • Resume Building Quiz

    • Resume Building Survey

  • 4

    Budgeting Basics

    • Chapter Goals

    • Introduction to Budgeting

    • The 50/30/20 Rule

    • Pete the Planner's "Ideal Budget"

    • The Envelope System

    • Priority-Based Budgeting

    • Steps to Financial Freedom

    • Personal Budgeting Scenario

    • What's Your Budgeting Style?

    • Best Digital Budgeting Apps (for Your Budgeting Style)

    • Best Microsavings Apps (for Your Savings Style)

    • Budget Templates & Worksheets

    • Let's Review

    • Budgeting Quiz

    • Assignment: Submit a Sample Budget

  • 5

    Living in D.C.

    • Chapter Goals

    • Pre-Chapter Quiz

    • What Does It Cost to Live in D.C.?

    • What Can I Expect to Earn?

    • Tips for Boosting Your Income

    • Tips for Cutting Your Expenses

    • Intern Housing Map

    • Transportation Resources

    • Internship Budgeting Scenario

    • Creating Your Internship Budget

    • Let's Review

    • Living in D.C. Quiz

    • Living in D.C. Survey

  • 6

    Getting the Internship

    • Chapter Goals: Getting the Internship

    • Where to Look for Internship Opportunities

    • Interview Preparation

    • The Art of Coffee

    • Business Cards

    • Mastering the Follow Up

    • Navigating the Offer

    • Conducting a Mock Interview

    • Interview Preparation Survey

  • 7

    Interning in Congress

    • Interning in Congress: Chapter Goals

    • Learning the Lingo

    • Roles & Responsibilities of a Hill Intern

    • What to Know About Your Member or Committee

    • Official vs. Unofficial

    • Hill Etiquette

    • Dressing for the Hill

    • Constituent Interaction

    • Constituent Call Role-Play

    • Lobbyists and Lobbying

    • Safety in Congress

    • Building Bipartisan Relationships

  • 8

    Campaigns & Volunteer Work

    • Chapter Goals

    • Campaign Roles & Responsibilities

    • Get Involved & Stand Out

    • Take Action: Campaign Opportunities

  • 9

    Constructive Conversations

    • Chapter Goals

    • Respectful Discourse

    • Understanding Your Values

    • Setting the Tone for Productive Conversations

    • Building Conversations Towards Solutions

    • De-escalating Tensions

    • Get Involved with BridgeUSA

  • 10

    Media & Storytelling

    • Media & Storytelling: Chapter Goals

    • Telling Your Story

    • Media 101

    • Public Speaking

  • 11

    Writing for the Hill

    • Chapter Goals

    • Intro to Congress

    • Hearing Notes

    • Finding Your Voice

    • Social Media

    • Congressional Statements & Speeches

    • Constituent Outreach & Communication

    • Understanding the Editing & Feedback Process

    • Professional Emails

    • What is a Policy Memo?

    • Design Thinking

    • Policy Memo Structure

  • 12

    Mental Health & Wellness

    • Chapter Goals: Mental Health & Wellness

    • Dealing with Stress In a New Job & Environment

    • Tips for Time Management

    • Coping with Imposter Syndrome

    • Finding Your Folks

    • Mental Health Resources

  • 13

    Career Mapping

    • Chapter Goals: Career Mapping

    • Career Paths in Congress

    • Public Service, Advocacy & Public Policy

    • Communications Pathways

    • Building Your Career Map

  • 14

    Financial Health

    • Chapter Goals: Financial Health

    • Keeping Your Pell Grant

    • Repaying Your Student Loans

    • Managing Your Debt

    • Understanding Your Credit Score

    • Short-term Savings Accounts

    • Long-term Savings, Investment & Retirement Accounts

    • Financial Health Quiz

  • 15

    Exit Survey & Next Steps

    • Submit a Video Reflection

    • Exit Survey

    • Next Steps

Student Testimonials

Jackson M.

Anderson University

"I enjoyed how easy it was to learn and digest information pertinent to acquiring a congressional internship and living in D.C. I enjoyed how interactive and helpful many of the activities were, as well as the direct help on improving my resume. My favorite chapters were 'Getting the Internship' and 'Campaigns,' as they both included a lot of information I was unaware of, including information about acquiring internships with organizations such as the DNC and RNC."

Jaisha Z.

University of Arkansas

"The budgeting aspect of the course helped tremendously in terms of figure out a savings plan, which is something I had no exposure to growing up."

Ibrahim T.

CUNY Queens College

"The 'Getting the Internship' chapter of the course was, I believe, filled with some of the most important things I learned during the course. I think it's going to help me greatly in getting my dream internship, because some of the things the chapter advises against doing I've seen myself do during interviews."

Chelsea D.

Florida International University

"I liked learning about the different roles in the House and the Senate and how people are able to climb the ladder while starting from different entry roles."

Catherine E.

Salem College

"I loved how honest this was! It was nice for somebody to say, 'Yes, the Hill isn't fair, but this is how you can play the game.'"

Kenneth C.

University of Chicago

"I had never really used LinkedIn before, so it was interesting and enjoyable to explore this platform and gain another tool to expand my network and pursue opportunities."

Devon G.

University of North Carolina Asheville

"Preparing for networking and getting 'coffee' on the Hill was the most valuable thing I learned through C2C-U. I didn't know how a lot of the networking etiquette, and how to approach someone on the Hill for networking opportunities."

C2C-U Intern Opportunity Fund

College to Congress is now offering a limited number of flight, transportation, clothing and meal vouchers through the C2C-U Intern Opportunity Fund to C2C-U graduates who have successfully secured a public service-related internship .

The value of these financial aid packages range from $100 - $2,000 per person and can be made available on short notice. C2C-U students can apply to the fund through C2C's Online Portal, which they gain access to upon completing our "Interning on Capitol Hill 101" online course.

C2C-U Elective: Constructive Conversations

This elective course provides tips and techniques for having productive and respectful political conversations with people you disagree with to help you make more informed decisions, gain additional perspectives, and challenge your biases and assumptions.


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