Pre-Internship Success and Skills 201

  • Learn more about interning in Congress
  • Learn the basics of budgeting
  • Take care your of mental health
  • What it's like to live in DC
  • How to have constructive conversations 
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I used the skills from C2C-U to network in DC and obtain two internship offers. I attribute great value to the knowledge and skills I gained from C2C-U, especially as it relates to Congressional internship norms and preparing resumes and cover letters.
The support College to Congress has been providing has been amazing! [T]he mentorship aspect of the program has been very helpful.
I cannot thank College to Congress enough for all the work you do for students like me. The information that I learned in C2C-U has been extremely valuable to my success in this job. From always doing things without being asked or learning how to network, I have been able to receive praise from my bosses for the work I do.