Pre-Internship Success and Skills 201

  • Budget for a debt-free internship
  • Learn the real "inside baseball" of working in Congress
  • Build bipartisan relationships
  • Perfect your writing for the Hill
  • Learn about living in the district
  • Build habits to protect your mental health
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You'll be prepared to succeed in your internship on day one.

With our coursework, no second guessing if you are fully prepared to intern in Congress. To the right, you'll see what you'll walk away with.

An internship budget

Whether you are remote or based in DC for your internship, we'll help you craft a realistic budget (and give you tips on financial health in public service).

Tools for mental health

You will come away from this coursework with a full 

Video Conferencing

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We will check your deliverables and grade your performance

Discuss with others

Participate in our online forum, share thoughts and ideas, increase connection, get help with your studies

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is incredible. | has prepared me to succeed. | has connected me with a great mentor. | is so worth the time. | is the best resource out there.

I used the skills from C2C-U to network in DC and obtain two internship offers. I attribute great value to the knowledge and skills I gained from C2C-U, especially as it relates to Congressional internship norms and preparing resumes and cover letters.
The support College to Congress has been providing has been amazing! [T]he mentorship aspect of the program has been very helpful.
I cannot thank College to Congress enough for all the work you do for students like me. The information that I learned in C2C-U has been extremely valuable to my success in this job. From always doing things without being asked or learning how to network, I have been able to receive praise from my bosses for the work I do.